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Multigenre author of thrillers, mystery, crime, and suspense. If you’re looking for a good thought-provoking thriller, seek no more!

Paula J. Mann lives a double life. She is a geologist by day and a novelist by night.

She’s best known for writing psychological thrillers and dramas, like ‘A Tale of a Rough Diamond,’ her debut novel.

As a multigenre author, she also writes historical fiction, like the Amazon.co.uk best-selling Aquila et Noctua, and paranormal suspense like ‘Thou Shalt Never Tell’.

She loves traveling from where she gathers all her inspirations for her novels. You can find her experiences on her blog:

Thrillers and Mystery page: CLICK HERE

Paranormal suspense: CLICK HERE

Historical Fiction: CLICK HERE

PJ Mann Amazon Page

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