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Category: Books

Merchant of Pearls

Merchant of Pearls

A thrilling standalone novel

When a jeweler uncovers the secret behind his jinxed inventory, will assassins put him permanently out of business?

Edward Sherwood understands the irresistible appeal of cursed gems. Capitalizing on the psychology of superstition, he specializes in keepsakes said to have brought their owners to a bad end.

But when he outbids the Russian mob to acquire a particularly interesting ruby, he finds himself in the crosshairs of a deadly hit squad.

Escaping the country with the help of a former Bratva henchman, Edward quickly sells the stone to shed the heat. When the buyer meets with a mysterious accident, the unscrupulous gemologist comes face to face with an obsessive policeman determined to prove he’s connected to similar deaths.

Has Edward’s ominous business provoked a curse he can’t escape?

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The Secrets They Hide – A Commissario Scala Mystery

The Secrets They Hide – A Commissario Scala Mystery

The second book of the ‘A Commissario Scala Mystery’ series

A cryptic message. A series of murders. Can detective Scala stop the killer before the killer stops him?

Rome, Italy. A message declaring revenge signed ‘The Shadows’ was delivered to Detective Scala.

It didn’t take long for the first victim to be found in a cemetery with a message mentioning dark secrets hidden behind the appearance of a charitable soul.

As Scala digs deeper into the victim’s life, other murders shake the city, all by the same killer.

Then, dark secrets come to light as the seemingly unconnected victims finally come together in a tangled web of lies and corruption.

Will Scala find the last piece of the puzzle identifying the assassin and his relationship with his victims?

The secrets they hide is the second thrilling book of A Commissario Scala Mystery.

If you like police procedurals, shrewd heroes, and nail-chewing suspense, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s gripping mystery.

Buy The secrets they hide today to crack the riddle before the killer vanishes in the darkness.

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The Year of the Mantis

The Year of the Mantis

A Commissario Scala Mystery (Book #1)

A murdered executive. Key suspects with bulletproof alibis. Can a headstrong investigator catch the killer before the trail disappears?
Rome, Italy. Detective Maurizio Scala has a strong debt of honor to the victims of brutal crimes. So when a well-liked man is found dead in his car, Scala becomes determined to deliver deserved justice. But with every suspicious person appearing to have proof of innocence, the driven sleuth fears he won’t be able to bring peace to the deceased.

As he uncovers the powerful family’s dark secrets, Scala’s investigation takes a shocking turn as his list of potential culprits suddenly widens. And with new information upending his search, he dreads the perpetrator will slip through his fingers and strike again.

Will Scala outsmart the elusive assassin before he vanishes in the night?

The Year of the Mantis is the first suspenseful book in A Commissario Scala Mystery series. If you like police procedurals, gritty heroes, and surprising twists, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s thrilling whodunit.

Buy The Year of the Mantis to solve the case before it goes cold today!

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