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Merchant of Pearls

Merchant of Pearls

A thrilling standalone novel

When a jeweler uncovers the secret behind his jinxed inventory, will assassins put him permanently out of business?

Edward Sherwood understands the irresistible appeal of cursed gems. Capitalizing on the psychology of superstition, he specializes in keepsakes said to have brought their owners to a bad end.

But when he outbids the Russian mob to acquire a particularly interesting ruby, he finds himself in the crosshairs of a deadly hit squad.

Escaping the country with the help of a former Bratva henchman, Edward quickly sells the stone to shed the heat. When the buyer meets with a mysterious accident, the unscrupulous gemologist comes face to face with an obsessive policeman determined to prove he’s connected to similar deaths.

Has Edward’s ominous business provoked a curse he can’t escape?

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