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New Release!

New Release!

I have been waiting perhaps for too long for this new release. Still, I am sure this wait will pay off as in this period I had the time to bring this first book of the Mysteries of Commissario Scala to its best for the reader’s enjoyment and or my satisfaction of having produced something I’m proud of.

This series is set in Rome, the eternal city, a real melting pot of cultures, one of Europe’s most iconic places. Rome is a living museum, but just like all the most beautiful things in this world, it hides a dark side: the rate of criminality. In this context, the figure of a detective sticks from the crowd, and it’s not a whatever detective.

We’re talking about Commissario Maurizio Scala, hot-tempered, stubborn, and a lover of good cuisine. Concerning the last point, there’s a typical Italian food he loves among everything else: Porchetta sandwich, which is a sandwich made of bread and pork slow-cooked on coals. If you ever go to Rome, don’t forget to taste this delicacy. Porchetta sandwich is the favorite street food in Rome, and you will find kiosks selling it almost at every corner.

To help Commissario Scala, there’s Forensic Inspector Leonardo Romizi. They are friends since high school, and they will never miss a chance to tease each other. The chemistry between those two characters carries the story forward.

On Scala’s team, we will find officer Carlo Silvani and senior officer Sandra Milani offering the most precious help during the investigations and brainstorming. Then there’s the murder, the suspects, and the witness who will bring the investigation to an intricated network of lies and deceptions, I’m sure you’ll love.

So the appointment is for 05.20.2021 on Amazon, and stay tuned for the new release! You don’t want to miss this one.

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