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Something more to W(o)nder about – what about genres?

Something more to W(o)nder about – what about genres?

This week, I am going to discuss what actually to write in your book.

Concerning me, my writing flow starts with an idea, and that can be really whatever. That idea will spark the creativity flame, and I will start to write a story coming up in my mind.

Since a writer should not have any taboos about what to write. Should he or she focus on a particular genre, or should he or she expand her experience to other genres too?

Now, to this question obviously, there is no right and wrong answer, it is all about what you will feel like to write.

If what inspires you is romance or whatever other specific genres, then go on and be blessed by the muse, which inspires you.

However, if you feel like there is more in your sleeves. If you wish to explore other genres, it shouldn’t be a problem. Eventually, it can also give you the chance for a wider readership.

Yet, not everything is well under the sun, and writing a multigenre will bring you to a labyrinth in which navigating might become tricky.

In my experience, writing in more than one genre gave me the chance to expand my range of inspiration, improved my storytelling skills, and opened the world to a broader range of creative tools.

The problem comes from the same opportunity. Writing more than one genre offers you the possibility to broaden your readership. At the same time, you need to put extra effort when you create your mailing list, or you market your writing.

To overcome this, when you create an ad to add subscribers to your mailing list, you will need to target those people who are interested in all the genres you intend to write. Certainly, these won’t be as many as those coming from one single genre, but they will be your best asset for your promotions and as members to your street team.

Another way is to create several pen names for each genre you want to explore. Be warned, though, this is going to be a lot of work because you will have to create and follow ads and mailing lists for two or more authors.

I am still in the experimental phase of what is going to work better, and I have noticed that there is absolutely no size fits all. One way of promoting your books will not obtain the same results as it did for other authors. My suggestion is to follow what other successful authors have done, repeat, tweak, and modify until you have the method that works for you. It’s a creative job, involving passion.

Without passion, nothing is not going to work.

To all the writers, who like myself are working hard to get their place in the spotlight. Don’t give up!

Have a great weekend!

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About the writer’s life and problems

About the writer’s life and problems

Well, certainly being a writer is not the easiest career in the world. All the fancy things you might figure out about being a writer, most of the time do not have any foundation of truth.
What is true is the satisfaction the moment you are sending your novel to be published. That gives a sense of achievement when people start to react and interact with your new release.
Nevertheless, the work required before the manuscript is ready it has nothing to do with glory and inspiration.
As an indie author, it means finding the time to write, researching for the most impossible bits of information. This, to make sure that the novel has solid grounds like you know what you are talking about, which generally, is not.
We gather information on the internet, asking friends, bothering social workers. Then, we ask the colleague’s uncle’s cousin’s friend who, seemingly, might have some knowledge about the topic you are writing about.
We search for the best way to murder someone or the time for a certain poison to have an effect.
Many times the search is stretching for days and weeks before we can actually go on to the next paragraph.
The bright side is that we get a wide, general knowledge about random things we might never use.
Besides this, the editing, the tweaking, the rewriting processes, there is something that curses the nights of the indie author.
That’s when we wake up in the middle of the night, after having sent the book to be published. Unfortunately, it is too late. The next time we will be able to make any correction arrives within 72 hours.

The daunting doubt.

“Were those twenty times I have been reading it through enough?”
The little nagging voice, during your sleep, will start whispering:
“What about that sentence? Are you sure it was good enough?”
“And have you checked for this kind of consistency?”
“Did you remember to put this edit?”
“Have you uploaded the right version or the unedited one?”
At that point, the poor author has completely lost the sleep and will go checking everything spending the whole night re-reading the version uploaded.
And if you think this is going to be all, think twice. The doubt will get back as soon as the first review arrives, a few positive reviews, and your heartbeat return to the normal pace, the blood pressure is getting normal, and the little nagging voice calms down.
Then one, not so positive, review.
All hell breaks loose, and the confidence gathered crashes down.
The little nagging voice starts screaming: “TOLD YA!”
And it will start an endless process to re-re-re-read and tweak one more,
ending up into a frustrating search for perfection, which will never arrive.

This, my dear friends, is the glamorous life of a writer, or better of an indie author.
With all the best intentions to spend a relaxing weekend, I wish you a great one.

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