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Thou Shalt Never Tell

Thou Shalt Never Tell

Thou Shalt Never Tell: Release day: 16.3.2020
Kaine left his home to search for a lost tribe. He was looking for glory, but they were already waiting for him…

Thou shalt never tell Blurb:
Shy, introverted anthropologist Kaine Martin is comfortable with his routine life, but inside, he’s battling his demons. He’s not good with social cues and has always been baffled by how to manage personal relationships. Then his boring life is disrupted by two events: the entrance of charming, self-confident Mark Donovan, and an unexpected opportunity to give his career the boost it desperately needs.

For a hundred years, researchers have hunted for an elusive tribe in the middle of Africa. Most never returned. But a mysterious email from senior anthropologist Jason Murdock, who disappeared eight years ago, provides a promising lead. A lead Kaine can’t ignore.

Kaine’s search leads him to the vengeful, possessive priestess Akuna-Ra. Nothing is impossible for her. Her limitless, unearthly powers control everything: time, space, and Jason Murdock. He is trapped by her curse for betraying secret knowledge, and his unholy love for her, in a place that feels lost in time.

Secrecy is paramount. If Kaine upsets the delicate balance between the two civilizations, he could ignite a conflict that would bring nothing but death and destruction to both. He’s made his long-sought discovery, but if he reveals it to the world, the rage of Akuna-Ra will find him. With everything at risk, what will happen when Kaine breaks the most important commandment of Akuna-Ra: Thou Shalt Never Tell?

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