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Thrillers and Mystery books

Thrillers and Mystery books

In this section, you will find all the Thrillers and Mystery books in chronological order.

You can find them all also here: www.amazon.com/author/pjmann

Leaving no Traces

A cursed play. A dead costume designer. Can the stubborn detective stop the next mA ruthless killer took her away, leaving only her car… and her blood behind. Detective Scala won’t rest until the case is solved.

A Stranger in Disguise

A cursed play. A dead costume designer. Can the stubborn detective stop the next murderous act?

You Don’t Know Me

The mysterious missing of a teenager. A series of murders unconnected with one another. Will Detective Scala solve the mystery before other innocents will meet their fate at the hands of the killer?

Merchant of Pearls

When a jeweler uncovers the secret behind his jinxed inventory, will assassins put him permanently out of business?

The Secrets They Hide – A Commissario Scala Mystery (Book 2)

A cryptic message. A series of murders. Can Detective Scala stop the killer before the killer stops him?

The Year of the Mantis – A Commissario Scala Mystery (Book 1)

A murdered executive. Key suspects with bulletproof alibis. Can a headstrong investigator catch the killer before the trail disappears?

The Man from the Mist

Framed for murder by the law. Chased by criminal organizations. The key to solve the mystery and save his life could be the superheroes he likes to draw.

The Ghosts of Morgan Street

In the city of New York, the homeless problem has reached a breaking point – but the Governor’s new enrichment program promises to change everything…
When he took shelter in the abandoned house of Morgan Street, Jake entered a close-knit community of the downtrodden and dispossessed, surviving only by selling himself on the street.

Deadly Deception trilogy Boxed set

Deadly Deception – Trilogy

Ethan is a liar.
Laura’s nights are cursed by insomnia.
Julius is grappling with low self-esteem and overwhelming nicotine addiction.
There is only one thing that brings them together: they are all following the revolutionary psychotherapy method of Dr. Wright and his team.

Deadly Deception: The Devil’s Deal

Julius feels like he’s losing the grip on his life; grappling with low esteem, overwhelming nicotine addiction, and a complicated relationship with an overbearing father.

Deadly Deception: Insomniac

Something keeps Laura Jefferson up at night. Maybe it’s the Boston traffic, maybe the sounds of the city outside her apartment window, maybe the stresses of day to day life. Whatever it is, when she’s offered a radical treatment at a secluded hotel, she doesn’t even hesitate.

Deadly Deception-Prelude

Ethan is a liar.

He can’t help it, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but he lies to everyone he meets, and he doesn’t know how to stop.

A Tale of a Rough Diamond

Not all that glitters is diamond; sometimes it is only glass. But even its sharp edges will never hurt you like family.

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