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Tag: Thou Shalt Never Tell

A new video teaser-Thou Shalt Never Tell

A new video teaser-Thou Shalt Never Tell

A new video teaser

The new Paranormal suspense romance has now a new teaser video. I have been experimenting for a while, trying to find either the right provider for templates and video hosting and the right templates to fit for my genre.

Although I can’t say that this video teaser for the Paranormal suspense romance is the best possible, for a beginner, I can say that I am satisfied. Also, I would love to have some feedback or suggestions to improve it and make the next one even better. Yes, I’m not going to stop here, now that I know how easy and fun it has been to produce it, I will certainly keep doing other teasers for all the other novels too.

Thou Shalt Never Tell

You can find more about this book following this link:

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