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My name is Paula, and I write novels. I live with my husband and rabbit. I work as an engineering geologist at a construction firm in Finland, and only in my spare time, I do write novels. For a long time, I have kept my stories for myself, and writing has been a sort of therapy, something to cope with everyday stress. I have always been an incurable dreamer, but my dreams didn’t necessarily involve me doing something different. Instead, they included living different lives and imagining different identities. So, I decided to bring those imaginary worlds to life, by writing them in the paper. I get my inspiration mostly from my travels around the world, where I have the chance to meet very different people, cultures, and sceneries that inspire my imagination. This is the reason why I coupled my passion for writing with my love for traveling, and that’s why I figured out the Wandering Writer. In my blog, besides marketing my literary production, I share my experiences around the world.

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