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Deadly Deception: Trilogy Box set

Deadly Deception: Trilogy Box set

Ethan is a liar.
Laura’s nights are cursed by insomnia.
Julius is grappling with low self-esteem and overwhelming nicotine addiction.
There is only one thing that brings them together: they are all following the revolutionary psychotherapy method of Dr. Wright and his team.
Although the reputation of Dr. Wright is not to be doubted, the mysterious disappearing of those who come too close to his patients raises too many questions.
Detective Bochorishvili of Tbilisi Police Department and his cousin Lieutenant Avaliani of the Bureau of Investigative Services in Boston will have to fit together all the pieces of the puzzle. The web of shadows spreads from the Georgian capital to Boston and begins to whirl in a vortex around the figure of Dr. Wright.
Suspicions rise and fall, spies lurk in the darkness, and mysteries call out to be solved before more individuals meet their fate at the ambitious hands of evil.
As the investigations go on, they will bring to light a question; will justice triumph, or will it be another Deadly Deception?

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