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The Secrets They Hide – A Commissario Scala Mystery

The Secrets They Hide – A Commissario Scala Mystery

The second book of the ‘A Commissario Scala Mystery’ series

A cryptic message. A series of murders. Can detective Scala stop the killer before the killer stops him?

Rome, Italy. A message declaring revenge signed ‘The Shadows’ was delivered to Detective Scala.

It didn’t take long for the first victim to be found in a cemetery with a message mentioning dark secrets hidden behind the appearance of a charitable soul.

As Scala digs deeper into the victim’s life, other murders shake the city, all by the same killer.

Then, dark secrets come to light as the seemingly unconnected victims finally come together in a tangled web of lies and corruption.

Will Scala find the last piece of the puzzle identifying the assassin and his relationship with his victims?

The secrets they hide is the second thrilling book of A Commissario Scala Mystery.

If you like police procedurals, shrewd heroes, and nail-chewing suspense, then you’ll love P. J. Mann’s gripping mystery.

Buy The secrets they hide today to crack the riddle before the killer vanishes in the darkness.

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